What We do

What We Do

Acid Plants Maintenance

Sulphuric Acid Plants (Sulphur Burning)

Our teams have wide experience on the following:

  • Overhauling of melting section equipment, process tanks, heating coils, sulphur pumps and steam jacketed lines.
  • Refurbishment of converter passes and grids.
  • Converter unpacking, catalyst screening and repacking of converter passes
  • Towers repairs, unpacking and packing .
  • Fire tube boilers inspection and overhauls
  • Inspection and refurbishment of heat exchangers
  • Blowers and pumps overhauls
  • Manufacturing and repairs to fibre reinforced PVC pipes, bends and tees for dilution plants
  • Electrical and instrumentation challenges.
  • Wear and Tear management

Aluminium Sulphate Manufacturing Plants

Our teams have worked on the following;

  • Diagnosis and repairs to steam reticulation circuits
  • Maintenance of press filters
  • Maintenance and repairs to service tanks.
  • Maintenance of bauxite mill and fans.
  • Repairs to fibre glass vessels including digester tops.
  • Maintenance of  jaw crushers.
  • Maintenance of 98% sulphuric acid pumps and Aluminium sulphate pumps.
  • Electrical and instrumentation challenges.
  • Renewal of worn out plant infrastructure.
  • Wear management

Phosphoric And Super phosphates Manufacturing Plants

Our teams have wide experience on the following:

  • Diagnostics skills and overhaul of Bradley Pulverizer Mills.
  • Fitting and tracking of conveyor belts.
  • Maintenance  of Pump  Belt Filters and accessories
  • Maintenance  and refurbishment of the Dens and its drives.
  • Maintenance and repairs to pumps and process tanks and vessels.
  • Wear management